11 thoughts on “Mandala #177 – Hotel

  1. I really like this one but cannot stop drinking tea now…!!!
    On an off topic subject… After my recent shield bug post I wanted to send you a link to some totally mind blowing photographs of insects. I’ve only just got round to finding the website! So sorry to go off topic but I thought you might be interested. On the link below there is a 5 minute film that shows how the photographs were taken but more fun is exploring the insects. (It is also possible to zoom in to a silly amount of magnification which reveals wonderful detail (it’s possible to move the image around once zoomed in). I particularly enjoyed the Paris Peacock butterfly. They are inspiring images that allow us to see the marvels of nature in a way that I’m not sure has been shown in this way.
    (Feel free to delete this off topic message)
    Here is the link: http://microsculpture.net
    Best wishes
    Mr C πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much for that link, Nigel. Those are amazing, and with such an insane level of detail! I have to say my favourite is the Amzonian Purple Warrior Scarab – just check out the pseudo face on the back of that cute little fella πŸ˜‰

      And don’t worry – the topic compliance police have a day off on Sundays.



  2. What an excellent use of text. You’ve really captured a certain look – Marina noticed Russian Constructivism and I’m thinking of 30’s design in general, art deco maybe, etc. This also shows how much variety you can get while sticking to the mandala format – for example, contrasting this to one of your super delicate images. (I like the way the “L” disappears into a geometric shape and the center makes me think of oil rigs!).

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    1. As always, many thanks for your insights. I liked the bold graphic quality of the architectural details in this one, which, as you say, provides quite a counterpoint to those with a more organic theme.


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