14 thoughts on “Mandala #269 – Benches

      1. We watch only an abbreviated, later edition of the news on TV, I often scan headlines and read what I want in the morning and in the car I sometimes listen to CBC – Canadian Broadcasting – because it comes in as well as the local stations. It’s interesting to hear the news from another perspective. But you really have to titrate your dose of news these days!

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      2. Like you, I scan and selectively read in the mornings. I used to be a bit of news junkie, but don’t really miss televised news now that I have given it up. Good that you can get an alternative view via CBC – don’t they talk a bit funny though? πŸ˜œπŸπŸ‘

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  1. We don’t own a TV (Telly?) and I’ve become quite adept at avoiding much of the so-called news these days.

    Thanks! Typically we should start getting some rain toward the end of the month, but all bets are off given climate change. 🀞

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