Mandala #302 – Very Peri Impressionism

Very Peri Impressionism – a bluebrightly / MandalaVihara co-production

Too many people rush around competing, consuming, collecting things in a rush to be bigger and better. But this reveals only inner emptiness, a lack of peace within.

Diane Dreher, The Tao of Inner Peace

16 thoughts on “Mandala #302 – Very Peri Impressionism

  1. It’s fascinating, how color relationships change when you change the composition. I hate to admit this but I didn’t realize at first where the original for this mandala came from. But when I did, I looked back at the fennel photo, then at the mandala, and I was struck by how the green comes forward here and all the colors support one another harmoniously. I wouldn’t say the colors don’t do that in the original but the mandala makes it apparent, like a blossoming. I hope that makes sense. Thank you, Graham.

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    1. Oh, my thanks to you, Lynn! The idea of the becoming of a mandala, its emergence from the ground/emptiness/tao, as a ‘blossoming’ appeals to me a lot, as I am sure you will understand.


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