Mandala #353 – Asemic Cipher

Social platforms run on ads and ads rely on your attention and attention is increased with negative content and on and on it goes.

Christopher Plowman, Insight Timer CEO

asemic /əˈsem.ɪk/ adjective

  1. using lines and symbols that look like writing, but do not have any meaning.

cipher /ˈsʌɪfə/ noun

  1. a secret or disguised way of writing.
  2. DATED a zero; a figure 0.

This is the zeroth post in a short series of mandalas created from excerpts of text written in scripts that are — at least to me — undecipherable. The resulting forms invite the observer to perhaps ponder for a moment as to the original meanings, or perhaps to simply rest a while in their asemic nature.

This series is dedicated to my dear friend, fellow blogger, wanderer, keen photographer and insightful observer of nature, bluebrightly. Thank you for the spark of inspiration for these.